Chet DeCambra started his career as a young boy growing up on the Big Island of Hawaii. As a child Chet grew up in the town of Honokaa. Chet was the first born to Mr. Leonard and Paula DeCambra on November 2nd, 1972. four years later they gave birth to their second child (Chet's baby sister) Cher.

While growing up Chet spent many hours listening to music because his dad was an accomplished musician and had his own band called the Country Lads. The original Country Lads were as follow: Leonard DeCambra lead guitar, Keith Enanoria Lead Vocals, and guitar, Milton Camara on Bass and backup vocals, Peter Enanoria on Trumpet, and finally Steven Lawrence on drums.

This was the people who influenced Chet the most in his early years. Not to mention these individuals were also part of his musical family. Following the band around while his mom worked nights he learned what a musicians life was all about at a very young age. at the age of 6 Chet started to play the saxophone with the help of his grandfather and at the time Hamakua Band Master Peter Enanoria. Chet, His grandfather, and father were very close and would play and practice together frequently. It was here where Chet learned the true meaning of music and family and the special bond music had given them.

Chet Joined the band at 8 years old, and it was up hill for him ever since. Chet played and toured with his dads band which later became his "the Country Lads". Together the memories made was gold and till this day Chet keeps very close to his heart. " These were the people who believed in me and who supported me through thick and thin even when i thought we sucked, they kept me going and always encouraged me to do my best. for this i will never forget these wonderful family members who i had the honor of being with for so many years."

Then tragedy hit, and Chet was nearly killed in a head on traffic collision. Chet was thrown through the windshiled and almost lost his life that day. His scull had been cracked, face mulled, legs broke, and he was in a down hill spiral. His mom the driver was also badly injured as was Chet's nephew Jr who was in the car also. After a year in rehab, 4 plastic surgeries, and alot of love and support Chet rose from that tragedy and made it to television. At the age of 10 Chet was featured on Hawaii Superkids co-hosted by Andy Bumatai. After his tv appearance, Chet's fame began to grow throughout the State of Hawaii, and before you knew it, he was playing every night club, bar, wedding, car show you name it he's done it.

Till present day Chet continues to play music and entertain his many fans world wide. Chet has played and has been associated with people like Dave Gibson, Daisy Dern, from Nashville, Willie Nelson, Lukas Nelson, Shooter Jennings, John Stone, Ty Stone, Kid Rock, Gretchen Willson, Blackberry smoke, David Allan Coe, and the list continues to grow.

Chet Loves Country Music, and believes that he will be playing until the day he dies. "Music has brought so many good things into my life" " Through Music i met my wife, and so many other wonderful musicians, celebs, and stars. Music has taken me to places where i thought id never go and for that i am very greatful


Fan Mail


Truck Driving Man! some great stuff. I randomly stumbled on your music one day and so glad I did. Keep up the good work, I will be back on your site regularly. 

Maxine 2-8-18

Hello just wanted to give an early thanks to you this year, not a day goes by that I don't listen to your music its awesome and looking forward to many more great works by you. Wishing you the happiness of good friends, The joy of a happy family, and a wonderful new year,

Roberta 2-2-2018

Hey, so we found you on N1M and my boyfriend herd your songs, now that's all he listens too. Thanks we love your music keep it up

Bianka 2-06-18

I like your music very much and I think its very catchy, Told my friends about you and they like you too, I also shared you on my FB page

Mark 2-15-18

Hey Chet absolutely love your song Missing Me i keep playin it all the time!


Dear Chet,

i love your music and i love how you sing. Your voice is great! you are the best singer in the world. I'm your biggest fan.



I love your music, i must say i love your song Missing Me.I believe you'll make it big one day and your star will shine brighter than others. its a pleasure to be a part of your fan club777



you should make a video for every track because your music is brilliant!! Missing Me is def a hit!! fingers crossed lol


Hey Chet,

Just wanted to say, i think your an amazing talented artist, and that your are doing an outstanding job in todays music music industry. Keep up the good work!!



I am so flattered because you are so awesome. Please upload more music for us to enjoy!!

Liz Ofsink


love all your music, have a awesome upcoming week. God bless you, and ill search for you on Facebook for your fan page!!

Modesto Mendez


Four More Hours is the best song ive herd in months. Keep it up!!

Hung Morin


Hey, i keep playing Woman in Love over and over. Wishing you the best in everything you do, and hoping for your life to be filled with all the good things you enjoy!!

Henrik Gjelland


ive been listening to your music since i found you on your amazing, independent, and confident Don't let anyone ever bring your self esteem down, you are truly amazing!!



Hi, you will be an inspiration for others out there. Just found you lately, and im going to spread the word about your music!!

Tim Trump


I love your song Woman in Love, and im waiting for more like this.

Abe Vaughan


love your tune Woman in Love and just loving YOU!!

Sharron Duley!!


Love your music, thank you for sharing Missing Me, your voice, i just love it!!



I just love your fan club 777, its the best fan club i have ever had the opportunity to be a part of. and the monthly contests, wow who does that now days. you and the Girls that run your club are god sent. We Love You!!



Just love the wonderful things you do, for all your fans. i wish you the best always. i will be a fan forever!!



We just received this fan letter today. Chet thought it was so cute, he asked us to post it here on his home page. Aleea has gotta be his youngest fan yet !!

Aloha Aleea

Chet DeCambra

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